Studio 6 Sessions Live


1. Every Time You Walk In The Room
2. Love Potion Nr.9
3. Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
4. A58
5. I'm On Fire
6. Runaway
7. Good Things Happen
8. All Shook Up
9. Flowers on the Wall
10. Blue Moon of Kentucky
11. I Was Made For Loving You
12. Headin' for the City
13. Bossa Nova Baby
14. Who's Been Talking
15. If You Want Me To
16. Folsom Prison
17. Too Much Love Will Kill You

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Live at Het Arsenaal


01. The Lucky Strike Girl
02. I was Made For Loving You
03. It's Still You
04. Before I Fall
05. No More Fuel
06. For The Light In Your Eyes
07. Veins
08. My Confession
09. It's Now Or Never
10. Less Than Nothing
11. Don't Cry Daddy
12. Black Summer Sun
13. Heart Half Empty
14. Love Me Tonight
15. Purple Velvet Roses
16. If You Want Me To

Also Includes:
Video making of:
"I was Made For Loving You"
Video "I Was Made For Loving You"
Video "My Confession"
Backstage material


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